Friday, April 8, 2016

Eagle Rock Brewery Session Fest

This weekend is one of the best beer events in LA. The Eagle Rock Brewery Session fest!

The event features session beers (defined as beers that are between 3 and 4% abv). That may not sound that impressive, but all the recipes for the beers have been come up with by the staff of ERB so it's a bit of a community builder. Plus there's the bonus of seeing what some of the non brewer creative minds come up with for beer ideas. I know I've had some excellent beers here from them the last couple times I've gone.

This year has some new stuff going on. It's the first year that they are bringing in some outside talent to contribute to the fest. As you can see above, it's some of the best talent in LA. El Segundo, Three Weavers, and Beachwood amongst others.I'm pretty stoke to see what they come up with to be honest. Also stoked to see how they fit 35 beers in the ERB location, haha! Speaking of which, I would recommend getting in there early as it's likely to get packed.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $18. That gets you a 9oz session fest glass and 3 pours. If you're looking to try more sessionable beers, you can purchase additional pours for $4 or 3 pours for $10. There will be food on hand from Eagle Rock Public House as well as vegan options from Plant Food for People for an additional cost that will be posted at the event.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fourth Annual Atwater Village Beer, Wine and Food Festival Ticket Giveaway

Hey All! It's time for another LABB ticket giveaway. Today I have a set of tickets to the fourth Annual Atwater Village BWF Festival! This is a cool little beer fest that takes places down the road in Atwater Village in the parking lot for Link N' Hops. It gets a little cozy there as the afternoon progresses so make sure to grab a spot for you and the homies to chill at. Also make sure to bring some sunscreen, because it's gonna be hot! 
There's a gourmet sausages joke here somewhere...

On to the details!

From the press release:
"Enjoy the sunny Los Angeles weather as we take over the parking lot at Link N Hops to bring you live entertainment, over a dozen local craft breweries, wine tasting and a variety of local vendors. It's a beer fest and neighborhood block party all in one!

Atwater Village has become a craft beer destination with a brewery and several great craft beer restaurants - Link N Hops has been on the forefront with over 20 taps of craft beers. We're bringing a lot of great local craft breweries to introduce their flagship beers as well as new and exciting brews.

Favorites like Lagunitas, Angel City, Green Flash, Saint Archer and Coronado Brewing will be on deck along with other new and returning breweries. 

The Atwater Village Festival takes place on Sunday, April 24 from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm. A ticket gets you entry and 15 drink tickets as well as a commemorative glass. A VIP ticket gets you early entry at noon, a gift bag and unlimited tastings.

As the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce President, Andy is dedicated to community. While the neighborhood is already a craft beer destination (with a brewery in North Atwater Village), Link N Hops really set the stage for local restaurants to curate craft beer taps as a priority.

This festival brings two things together - community and craft beer. It started three years ago as an opportunity to showcase what Link N Hops has to offer both as a gourmet sausage eatery and as a way to experience a variety of craft beers from local breweries to international favorites. Quite a few of our festival attendees walk to the festival or come from the immediate area. It's meant to be more of an intimate festival in terms of number of attendees and footprint (the Link N Hops parking lot).

Visit for tickets."

 Now for the ticket giveaway! All I need you to do is comment on this post to enter!

So easy!

At the end of this week, I'll randomly pick someone from the entrants and you'll have yourself a pair of tickets. You! It could be you!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shady business

Breaking news!!!

It was recently revealed that Los Angeles Ale Works would be opening in Hawthorne later this year with Notorious Scumbag Kristopher Barnes at the helm. The curious thing is that he now has some "mysterious benefactors" providing some seed money. Well, I have done some digging and it has been revealed that the mysterious benefactors were in fact my most hated enemies at Worst Beer blog! They have been piss broke for quite some time so I was curious as to where this money had come from. So again, I put on my Sherlock hat and did some more digging.
I got this for Christmas btw
It turns out the Worst beer blog has been acquired by ABinbevs High End brand in an effort to continue to fool your average consumer. It's very lucky for you that I found this out so you don't have to be fooled anymore! You'll notice in WBB's rant today that he dumps tons of dirt on the high end brands in order to shine more limelight on them. This has the effect of bringing more attention to those high end brands and showing abinbev corporate flunky WBB who the people are that will defend the brand. They are coming after you! I mean, this is a serious level of shady here... What's next???

I'm just really disappointed in these pillars of our community. I thought that we were bros!

Beers of the Santa Ynez valley

Hey all, my Wife and I recently came back from my annual camping trip on the shores of sunny Jalama beach, CA and I wanted to spend a little time talking about some of the cool spots to grab a beer in the surrounding Santa Ynez valley. This is one of the places where I really got my craft bear beak (beard?) wet as I've been going up here for more than ten years.  I don't hear people talking about the spots up there too much as it is pretty far from LA, but there are some really excellent places to go. These places are additionally awesome due to featuring a dog patio. We can't go into town without my trusty Odin dog, so being able to drink some beers and hang out with him is a plus!
Odin, for reference. He's happy.

Of course I have to start with my first favorite as it is very near and dear to my heart, The Firestone Walker Barrelworks! The Buellton Firestone Walker taproom is an exceptional place full of the delicious mainline FW beers and taproom exclusives. The FW Barrelworks is attached to the taproom and is where they make all the special wild beers that they have been releasing over the last year or two. Here you can get a taste of Easy Jack in one glass and Feral One in another. It is really the best of both worlds.
In addition to beer, they also have a restaurant attached where they make several dishes and sauces with the beer they brew. I would recommend the ribs with wookie jack bbq sauce, easy jack cheesey sauce that comes with the bar pretzel, or the pizza that users pivo in the crust. You can literally have their beer in everything you put in your mouth!
We usually hang out on the huge patio outside the main taproom. They provide doggy bowls for water and there's a nice fireplace for the cold nights. Just make sure you grab a servers attention if you sit outside. They don't always come check on you.

Solvang Brewing Co
We always make a stop at Solvang Brewing Co for their awesome carnitas Nachos. They are piled high with pickled jalapenos, carrots and carnitas. These are definitely something you want to share with a friend. We literally can't go into Solvang at all without stopping at for these Nachos. Trust me, if you're there, get them.
The beer on the other hand is so-so. They brew 10 or so different beers which rotate seasonally and I've tried probably 7-8 of them. I highly recommend their session IPA that's on right now, but the main line beers are just ok. They do have an Odin stout which I'm told is quite good and that my dog would love it, but I'm not a huge stout fan and my dog is not of age so I can't personally recommend it.
They have a pretty sizable patio which is outside the "Viking room". It's pretty hard to miss as you have to walk through it to get into the bar. There are plenty of places to tie up your puppy and they are more than happy to bring you out some water.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing
Fig Mountain's OG brewery location is in sunny Buellton, right down the road from Barrelworks. They have of course since expanded to 5 other locations down the coast from there so their beers are not too hard to find. The OG brewery boasts a nice indoor taproom as well as an outside patio that you can bring all your puppies to.  I know they occasionally have food on hand from food trucks, but there is no in house kitchen last time I was there. So make sure you fill up at one of the above places before heading over to finish off the night.
They also occasionally have live music and entertainment, so make sure to check the calendar when you plan your trip.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Three Weavers turns 1!

Has it been a year already? My how they grow in such a short time! This weekend, Our lovely babies over at 3 Weavers are turning 1! They want to invite all the kids in the neighborhood to the party! Even Bobby, and no one likes Bobby. They are so nice.

The parents have been kind enough to provide pinatas with special prizes, everyone's favorite lawn games, including "pin the tail on the Omar", and all the beer! 

Party Deets:
- Oct 24th
- GA- 2-6 ($25) - Ticket price includes a commemorative glass (3W merch is always the best), five 5 oz. pours, entertainment, and good feels.  Additional beer tickets will be available.
- VIP Hour- 1-2 ($40) - This gets you in early to dodge the crowds, as well as a couple extra special beers that they are keeping under wraps, and all the perks and whatnot of GA
- There will be 18 different 3w beers, including their 1st anniversary IPA called "First Rodeo". It's coming in at 7.3% with all the dank hopiness that you could dream of.
- Food will be available from local favorites Fill R Up Gastro Garage and Front Page Jamaican Grille.
- live music
- Proceeds from tickets sales will be benefiting (One For All), an Inglewood charity "empowers youth through community-based programs which instill an everlasting sense of personal pride, academic achievement and distinct accomplishment."

You can find tickets at the link below

Friday, August 28, 2015

HQ Gastropub opening in woodland hills

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a new gastropub that's opening down the road from me in the next couple weeks. I'm pretty excited that a decent food and beer place will finally be within a few minutes drive. Hopefully this is the start of craft beer coming to my part of the valley!

Here's some details on HQ Gastropub opening to the public on September 1st:

"HQ offers 32 craft and artisan beers on draft and 32 bottled beers, including 52 outstanding red and white wine varietals.  HQ’s premium selection of spirits also offers choices of small batch distilleries not normally found in most taverns and bars.  HQ Gastropub pairs a vast selection of first-rate craft and artisan beers, esoteric wines, and premium spirits from around the world with every item on the menu resulting in infinite pairing possibilities. 

What does HQ stand for? “High Quality,” says Mark Matters, owner and creator of the highly developed concept, who believes that HQ Gastropub is the latest innovator within the Gastropub hospitality. “We are an organization that takes a personal interest in the happiness and well being of every guest.  The food is as important as the beer, wine, and spirits we dispense.”

Following the press and VIP openings, HQ Gastropub, located at 20969 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, California, is slated to open its doors to the general public on September 1, 2015. Its hours of operation will be Monday–Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 am, Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 am, Sunday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm."

32 beers on tap at any time means you can rotate what you're drinking pretty often and keep the place fresh. They will also have a special private tasting room that is reservation only which features a private beer expert and a special menu only for that part of the restaurant. This brings some high class exclusivity to your beer experience that you won't see everywhere.

Come check out HQ Gastropub in the next couple weeks. You'll probably see me hanging out over there.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Firk through the heart

A few short months ago (why so soon, right?) I had the great pleasure of pouring at and enjoying the casks of the second annual Firkfest. If you didn't go, or hadn't heard my plaintive cries to get tickets on the facebook, then you should feel bad!  This year the Firkfest included over 50 casks of beer from 30 of socals best breweries and 9 chefs from the area who participated in a chili cookoff. All of which was hosted by my vastly more popular and handsome OC counterpart, Greg Nagel

The Nagelest - photo credit to

Craig and I decided to come out of hibernation for this event for a couple reasons:
 A) How awesome the previous years Firkfest was
 B) Beer
 C) Greg needed some help. The kind of help only beer nerds like us could provide

We actually got to spend a few hours pouring beer for one of our favorite breweries, MacLeod Brewing co! They brought a huge beer rack that held 6 pins. 2 of which were brewed with the help of fellow LA Beer Blogger Aaron Champion from All the beers were amazing, but people were really going crazy for the Session Gap after the mid-afternoon heat started up. People had a ton of questions about beer and about MacLeod so it felt pretty awesome to be able to help them out the best I could. We even had a couple people stay around for the entire 6 beer tour de MacLeod. Most of all we got to enjoy the company of some excellent beer lovers!

After our pouring duties were done, we got to enjoy the rest of the fest. There were so many great cask beers on display it's hard to say which was best. But I gotta say, there's no need to drop a bunch of extra stuff into the beer for just the second event. Just trying some of the offerings on cask is interesting enough. There were some amazing offerings from noble and some great spicy beers. Some of the familiar faces were missing which was a little disappointing. Eagle Rock and 3 weavers apparently couldn't make the event for one reason or another. I also got to try several of the chili offerings including the eventual winners chili monstrosity... Slater's 50/50 came up with a frito chili cheese mashup that was literally my dream of chili cheese frito deliciousness come to life.

The Firkfest will mostly be remembered due to a rare treat... This was one of @yourpicssuck real life appearances! He was using his traditional dance moves to woo all the ladies of the fest. When I saw him last, a large crowd had gathered to hear his ministrations #educateyourself

All in all the fest was much improved over last year. There were even enough toilets to sate the needs of double the attendance of the previous year which was one of my few nit picking complaints about last year. Even though it's located in the awful OC, it's still worth the trip to enjoy the great beers that the brewers bring out and the hospitality of Nagel and crew

Monday, June 15, 2015

The best of L.A. Beer week 2015 part 1

Hey all! We're back for another L.A. beer week and this one is earlier than ever. It's like two beer weeks for the price of one! Or like... One beer week... for the actual price of one. Who can tell with all this craziness going on in the world?

With the restructuring of LA beer week last year, a lot of things changed. This year is no different as the kick off even is now in June! (as you may have inferred from the timing of this post and... ya know, living in the world) So I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some of the events that I think will be super sweet this year. Starting of course with...

Saturday, June 20th - The LABW7 kick off event!
Featuring over 50 breweries, multiple food trucks and every member of the LA brewers guild they could scrape together, this event is what kicked off beer week last year and what will be kicking it into high gear this year. In order to be a bit more centrally located and to make sure people have all the public transport options in the world, they have moved the event to Exposition park just south of downtown Los Angeles. So make sure you have your route planned on your flavor of public transportation as you will be having ALL the beers. Oh, also The #worldfamous Jemma Wilson will be speaking at the event! Can you believe it!!!!?!?!?!

Sunday, June 21st - Cask and ye shall receive
This event is a triple threat. In addition to being Father's day and LABW, it is also the first anniversary of one of our favorite breweries, MacLeod! There are three sessions to this beer event. The first one features a panel featuring our friends from BPLA and Cask Ale LA talking about cask beers and their influence on the LA beer industry. The other two feature awesome beer and your chance to drink it.

Monday, June 22nd - Pink boots LA beer garden
Support lady brewers, support LA, support continuing to make awesome beer! While the list for this hasn't been announced yet, I'm sure Alex will bring out the goods from Three Weavers.

Tuesday, June 23rd - Eagle rock Brewery's battle of the bands
On Tuesday, take a break from celebrating the best beer LA has to offer and see the brewers of the best beer shred it for four hours. Oh wait, who am I kidding, the best beer in LA will also be there! Special shout out to Chris from Three weavers who will be shredding this up.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

6th Annual Vegan Beer Fest

Hey guys, it's been a while! I wanted to take a minute to make sure everyone had the word about the 6th Vegan Beer fest. This beer fest and the people who put it on are near and dear to my heart. They were the first lovely people to allow me to talk about their event on the internet and this year is going to be their biggest and best ever so I have to talk about it, right?

For those of you that have been in the past, you are familiar with the big lot on sunset. It was hot, dusty and parking sucked but at least you got some good beer and vegan food in you, right? Well this year you don't have to worry about those things! Well... this is California so it will most likely still be hot... But this year the event is being held at The Rose Bowl! Parking will be plentiful and you won't have to drive to Hollywood. Those are both wins in my book.

Check out the details:
  • Just like every year, you will receive your very own LAVBFF glass and unlimited pours from 40 breweries featuring over 100 different beers. There will also be 40 restaurants and food vendors supplying various vegan foods and snacks. The food is not part of the ticket price though, so bring some cash money to feed yourself. 
  • General admission door time will be at 1pm. 
  • VIP admission includes separate entrance, early entry at 12pm, and access to the VIP lounge with exclusive pours.
While you're there, make sure to check out some of my favorites.  Bells (This'll be the first beer fest I've been to where they are pouring. Super exciting!), Golden Road (of course), Noble, Three Weavers, and El Segundo. I can't wait to see how they set all these guys up at the Rose Bowl.

Oh, and I guess knowing where to get tickets would be good. Get them here! And watch the facebook this week as I'll be giving away a pair of tickets to someone as soon as I figure out how I want to give them away.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Budweiser: SHOTS FIRED

If you were living under a rock or just don't particularly care for sportsball, you may not have heard about the commercial that the MacroBeer company Budweiser aired during halftime. Please let me enlighten you.

This could possibly be the best thing the big beer companies have ever done to support craft beer. There was always a somewhat unspoken "us vs them" mentality in the craft beer community regarding the relationship between macro and micro beer. Budweiser just used the internet troll argument on one of the most public of stages and it just makes them look like idiots.

They are talking down to craft beer lovers and making it sound like hard work and care goes into the brewing of budweiser. And anyone who likes a Pumpkin Peach ale is an idiot for not drinking piss flavored corn and yeast juice. As an aside and if you would like a bit of irony, Elysian brewery who the abinbev company owns, makes a pumpkin peach ale. So they are actually talking down to their own potential customers.

Bud is "for people who like beer brewed the hard way."... What does that even mean? All the ingredients and recipes are dumped into a program, moved through the brewing process by automated pumps into the fermentation chambers where they are monitored by computers for temperature and co2 levels in budweiser plants. So who is brewing this the hard way? Are we supposed to feel sympathetic to those over worked pumps? Is the Bender analog in the Bud plant not getting paid overtime?

You have to think to yourself, "Self, what is the point of a commercial?". If I were to answer for your self, I would say the point is to sell a product. Then who was the intended target of this commercial?
Maybe it was Craig's uncle who refuses to drink most anything but Bud Light. But why would you need to sell him more beer? He's already sold.
Maybe they are trying to change people's minds who drink craft beer? By insulting them and calling them hipsters? And why would they buy craft beer companies if they just want people to drink more bud?
Or Maybe they are just jackasses who are buying into their own hype and declining market share. Who thought this would be a good way to get more people on their side since "Murica, fuck yeah".

All I really know is that you should keep an eye out for the "Pumpkin Peach Ale Fest 2015".